Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to Wizard101 Records!


Welcome to Wizard101 Records!  I would like to tell everyone about this blogspot.  That we can set up the records whoever can break either damage spells or healing spells.

The Rules are:

1-Make sure you set the deck ready that you can have those spells whatever it work.
2-Make lists that you use
3-No Treasure cards at all.
4-Have a group help and witness.
5-Take pictures.
6-Email @

For example:

List to set up for attack:

Storm Blade (S)

Elemental Blade (B)

Storm Trap (S)
Elemental Trap (B)

Windstorm Trap (S)

Supercharge (S)
Gargantuan (Sun)
Vengeance (Star)
Storm bubble (S)

Amulet: Hex, Balance Blade and Feint
Wand: Bladestorm

Hit used Leviathan with Gargantuan and Critical by Timothy Lighttalon

If you want to do this record breaker, please contact me anytime at

I wish you good luck with Spirals!

Thank you,

Wizard101 Records Owner


  1. Edward Lifegem has a few good ones on his blog.. Btw NICE hit! And I thought 25k with an efreet was epic xD

    ~Elitewizard (apparently I don't "own" the identity elitewizard on wordpress...)

  2. This is pretty awesome. I'm glad to see the work your doing for the community (welcome to the blogosphere hehe) - I followed you on Twitter here's mines @MalornWS

    Looking forward to more records in the future!

    - M.W.S